Glamor and pregnancy??? Don’t be silly!

If you have ever been pregnant and were like me pregnancy was a miracle and amazing but also the most horrible time in your life!

I spent the first 13 weeks with number 1, 16 weeks with no 2 and 9 months with no 3 nauseous and vomiting. Not to mention all the other amazing things you can get with pregnancy… haemorrhoids, acne, constipation, thrush, dry skin, rash, pigmentation, mood swings, tears, varicose veins, gestational diabetes, swollen limbs, bloating, loss of breath, migraines yep it is so GLAMOROUS!

But all that aside pregnancy is truly a miracle, growing a life inside of you that has been created by two peoples DNA that becomes an individual person from genetics on both sides that can go back generations, WOW.

I do remember a time in each of my pregnancy’s where I truly did glow. I looked pregnant, was healthy, happy and even though nauseous for the most part feeling good.

So the one thing I always made sure I did was to photograph of myself pregnant for each of my children.

Some people say why? no way! If you are pregnant and huge who would want to record this?

My answer is firstly yes your pregnant and huge but in a photo you don’t have to be an ugly, tired, huge mess why not shine and look stunning? and secondly its not all about you…

My mum only just managed to get a photo of herself pregnant with me, my godmother luckily took a photo of my mum a day or so before she gave birth otherwise she would not have any record of being pregnant to look back on. And now I have that image of being in my mum’s tummy. I love this image, the look of happiness on my mum’s face knowing she was pregnant and about to have her baby.

Even if I felt terrible or was worried I looked terrible I made sure I took a photo for each of my girls inside of me just for them.

Imagine if you could have a portrait memory of yourself that you could be proud of and show off to everyone where you looked like a HOT mumma but also be able to give your children a memory to cherish of you at the time before they entered the world.

Would you like to be able to have this? I know I would.

Maternity sessions at Captured By Anna are all about you and making you feel like the beautiful, glamorous woman that you are. Hair and make up, gowns to wear and styled sets to be photographed on. I know how to position you, and what angles to photograph to capture you at your best. I want ALL women to have this feeling of pride and happiness when they gaze at their finished images. The confidence in their eyes and the complete change in their opinion of being photographed is unbelievable.

So are you or someone you know pregnant? Let then know how important it is…

Go on I DARE you to come in and have a Maternity session with me!

I so can’t wait to change your mind!

Anna x

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