When Do I Book In For My Newborn Session?

It’s a great question! When do you book in for your newborn session?


There is no real rule of thumb but there are a couple of things you need to consider. The best is to book in as soon as you can really as photographers book out fast. Once you book though no matter your date or time you will be guaranteed that session!

I personally would advise that you book in around your 21 week scan. That gives me plenty of time to work with you to design your session. Also it is enough time to secure your date and time and if by chance your due at a very busy time of year it gives me time to work out my scheduling and sessions to ensure everyone gets their session.

You may not have thought about or had the opportunity to discuss maternity session options with me, and at 21 weeks you still have plenty of time to choose and book a maternity session as well, giving us time to design.

How do you book a session if you don’t know the exact time and date your baby will arrive? I have that all covered.

What happens is you book and pay your session fee, then I pencil you in on your due date as “due today”. I then wait to hear from you when you are in hospital that your bundle of joy has arrived. Once I get your message we then work out a suitable day and time within the 5 days old to 14 days old time frame. That date and time is your locked in session.

We are all ready by this stage. We would have the entire session planned and awaiting action and you would have all the information you need so there would be nothing you have to worry about straight after birth.

I really look forward to meeting you all and designing that special session with you!

Anna x

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