Did you know… We don’t charge session fee’s anymore!

Hi! Long time no Blog lol

Thought I would do a blog about my updated package and product prices, since I have not blogged for a while…

I have sourced some amazing new products that i’m so excited to be able to include in my packages!

And because of this I have re-structured my entire pricing guide.

I have completely dropped a seperate session fee, and now only have set packages. This is not only from the new products I have but also from feedback from all of you and also from what my clients seem to purchase and how much they spend on an average.

By offering set packages you can be fully aware of what you need to spend with no hidden costs.

I have also included digital files in all of my packages… There is no way to purchase these files separately. If you wish to add on a digital file you would purchase a print or product and the digital file will come with it. I believe as a professional photographer I have an obligation to my clients to provide them with the best service I can. If I just provide digital files and you print them anywhere without knowing how the finished printed art piece is supposed to look, I am providing no better a service than Kmart. My computer is calibrated to the professional print labs I use and I have the knowledge and experience on how to photograph and edit my images to bring out the correct colour tones and finish. I can also provide a guarantee on the products I supply not on the prints you may get elsewhere.

So next time you are thinking on who to choose to capture your life long memories have a good think about it… Are you really going to print the USB of 50 images that has been given to you? or will the USB end up in your draw… I know for a fact I have about 10 USB’s I still have not printed from sitting in a draw!

I know you would much prefer to be presented with your images beautifully printed on archival fine art paper or mounted in a frame floating with torn edges so you can go home and hang them straight away and enjoy looking at your investment that you know your family and children will be able to enjoy for generations.

Have a think about it!

Anna x

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