Did you know… We don’t charge session fee’s anymore!

Hi! Long time no Blog lol Thought I would do a blog about my updated package and product prices, since I have not blogged for a while... I have sourced some amazing new products that i'm so excited to be able to include in my packages! And because of this I have re-structured my entire pricing guide. I have completely dropped a seperate session fee, and now only have set packages. This ... Read the Post

Glamor and pregnancy??? Don’t be silly!

If you have ever been pregnant and were like me pregnancy was a miracle and amazing but also the most horrible time in your life! I spent the first 13 weeks with number 1, 16 weeks with no 2 and 9 months with no 3 nauseous and vomiting. Not to mention all the other amazing things you can get with pregnancy... haemorrhoids, acne, constipation, thrush, dry skin, rash, pigmentation, mood swings, ... Read the Post

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